Well Minded is a Private Clinic owned by CAP specialist Nanna Bork.

The clinic welcomes children, teenagers, young adultes and their families.

Discretion, understanding and evidence are key values in the clinic.

I treat anxiety, OCD, depression, trauma and other mental health issues. I follow the Danish National Clinical Guidelines and the English Nice-Guidelines.

I have extensive experience in treating children and adultes with mental health issues. I have been teaching medical students, psychologists and doctors under specialization.

If you don´t speak scandinavian or english, you can bring an interpreter.

The therapy for Anxiety and OCD is cognitive manualized therapy.  This therapy is the most effective. 

In the clinic you will sometimes meet the young dog Balou.  Balou traines to become a therapy dog and takes part in Animal Assisted Therapy.

Please call me for first time sessions.